Daily Archives: June 26, 2015

Wilting or Thriving?

It is a warm morning and evidence of the recent scorching heat lies in the brown curled-up leaves of my two tree babies on the deck.  Sometimes water is not enough.  We are really pretty fragile, aren’t we?  Not too much sun, not too much cold, not too much or too little water,  but just the right amount of each thing.  We are so dependent – a good tether for us to humility.  We can swagger with braggadocio until the internet  gets turned off unexpectedly as we are buying our airline tickets (yes, personal experience) or the air conditioning goes out; and  if we lose water  we are  quite soon up a dry creek, no paddle necessary.   

I do notice though that some of the plants seem to be doing exceedingly well.  The one that was yellowing is now green and glossy.  The spider plant is crazy happy.  All the lilies are in full bloom.  We must keep in mind that human beings likewise have a range of optimal conditions versus threshold survivability.  One soars as the other wilts.  Do we recognize who thrives in what conditions?  Do we give space for that?  For ourselves?

Who needs silence, who needs noise?  Who needs alone time and who needs socializing? Who needs to go off to the mountains and who to the bedroom to watch TV?  Who needs words of affirmation, physical gestures of affection or quiet acts of service to feel loved and supported?   The ingredients of love, respect and trust apply to all.  How that gets fleshed out for us is something we need to learn about ourselves and to study as we watch others we love. What makes them seem to thrive?    Comments?      Thoughts?